Artin Agro-industry Group
Artin Agro-industry Group
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Artin agro-industry Group has the slogan of “easy cooking and healthy eating” and its main focus is on processing agricultural products. The factory of this Agro-industry; is located in the Paytakht industrial park, and is equipped with advanced machinery for its production lines align with modern technology, which produces food products.

One of the main products of this factory is onion products, which are prepared in the form of puree, diced, sliced, and powder.

Professional goals of

ArtinAgro-industry Group

As anIranian company in the food industry

Satisfaction of beneficiaries

Providing the consumer satisfaction ...

Amplify the quantity and the quality of the company's activities and resources

Promotion of knowledge and skill of employees; Execution and management of projects with appropriate quality ...

Developing a culture of safety, health, environment, and quality

Monitoring and controlling the health of employees; Strengthen the corrective and preventive beliefs...

Effective risk management and cost management

To optimize the energy consumption and resources; Pay attention to the crisis management approach and reduce the consequences of accidents ...

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