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Artin agro-industry Group has the slogan of “easy cooking and healthy eating” and its main focus is on processing agricultural products. The factory of this Agro-industry; is located in the Paytakht industrial park, and is equipped with advanced machinery for its production lines align with modern technology, which produces food products.

One of the main products of this factory is onion products, which are prepared in the form of puree, diced, sliced, and powder.


Honors, Awards, Certificates, and Standards of Artin Agro-industry Group:

Artin Agro-industry Company, with the benefit of its technical knowledge, technology, and expert forces, has always sought to be one of the founders and pioneers of the agricultural processing industry in Iran, to increase the level of the country’s food industry and to adapt itself at the level of the world’s leading manufacturers with the highest quality and national and international standards. Our attempt is always to make cooking easy and play our role in healthy eating.

Business strategies and principles of Artin Agro-industry Factory

Artin Agro-industry Factory has defined its main mission to produce and process agricultural products as one of the Iranian companies in the food industry. This company pursues the following policies at all organizational levels (headquarters and operation) with the aim of providing high-quality services, creating a healthy and safe work environment as well as environmental protection:

Effective risk management and cost management

  • To optimize the energy consumption and resources;
  • Pay attention to the crisis management approach and reduce the consequences of accidents;
  • To identify and evaluate the organizational, safety, and environmental risks and try to prevent the accidents from occurring;
  • Continuously improving managerial and software infrastructure;
  • Performance monitoring and continuous processes improvement;
  • Effective implementation of integrated management system IMS;
  • Creating / improving software and applications infrastructures;
  • To expand the use of software systems with a focus on improving management systems;
  • Creating/improving the managerial infrastructures based on the national and international standards as well as related rules and regulations;

Developing a culture of safety, health, environment, and quality

  • Monitoring and controlling the health of employees;
  • Strengthen the corrective and preventive beliefs;
  • Holding the applicable and effective training for employees;
  • Increasing the employees participation in order to improve the quality and secure the work processes and the work environment;
  • Protecting the environment and reducing pollutants and waste materials;

Amplify the quantity and the quality of the company's activities and resources

  • enrichment of knowledge and skill of employees;
  • Execution and management of projects with appropriate quality;
  • Boosting sales of international markets;
  • Assignment of operational activities to powerful forces and effective supervision of their performance;
  • Assertive in order to increase the company's share in the national and international market;

Satisfaction of beneficiaries

  • Providing the consumer’s satisfaction;
  • ensuring the satisfaction of employers, organizations, and legal institutions;
  • Satisfaction of the company’s

Related activities to the agriculture

Establishing security for food resources is one of the main necessities of the today’s world. It is undeniable that stable strengthening should be done more than ever by prioritizing and promoting the position of the agricultural sectors, which has been the main custodian of food resources. Artin Agro-industry Company has cultivated high-quality and healthy agricultural products in order to achieve self-sufficiency in the raw material of the production line. In this regard, this company has benefited from modern agriculture, strict observance of fertilizers in soil and plants, and principled use of water resources on its farms. The focus of this company is specifically on organic and healthy crops while maintaining the appearance and quality of the products.

In Artin agro-industry Company, reducing the use of chemical pesticides to zero is one of the main issues that has been considered for sustainable production of agricultural products. Also, the use of modern irrigation methods has reduced the water consumption to an approved level. Our main goal in the agricultural sector of Artin agro-industry Group is to obtain higher crop productivity and reduce the consumption of water, fertilizers, and pesticides. With the benefit of modern agriculture the process of cultivation is significantly advanced, as a result, the probability of error and loss of the product has been reduced. In addition, the quality of the product has been increased because the best conditions for its growth have been provided. The budget that has been spent on our modern farmlands will offset extremely positive outcomes and high-quality crops. Saving energy consumption as well as preventing the crop corruption of agricultural products has also saved costs.

Export activities of Artin Agro-industry Company

Artin Agro-industry Company is one of the reputable brands in the field of producing agricultural products and processed vegetables, and by making exertions to provide the demands, satisfaction and trust of customers, is committed to complying with national and international standards. Our main intention is to make efforts so as to increase our customer’s content and to improve the safety, health, and quality of our products.

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